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Supported by Instagram-worthy photography, Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara interviews 35 contributors to bring out their unique and inspirational approach to life and travel, their most memorable experiences (and challenges) and the tips and gadgets they couldn’t live without. With enviable campervan setups, stories that will give you wanderlust, stunning locations and top advice from the experts – Road Life is the perfect companion and guide for any wannabe van owner.’

Currently translated into English, Czech, French, and German.

Available Worldwide




Van Life For Dummies is your go-to guide for becoming a van lifer. You'll learn to customize your vehicle, adapt to life on the road, and find the peace and adventure you're seeking. This book makes the transition easy, helping you decide what parts of rooted life you need to take with you and what to leave behind.

Available Worldwide



Tent Life introduces you to 34 inspirational people from across the globe who’ve made camping part of their lifestyle, and provides you with the tools to do the same.

What’s the appeal of pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars? Tried it yourself and felt inadequate and underprepared? The campers in this book can show you how to pitch up in style.

From intrepid woodsmen with enviable survival skills, to low-key surfers chasing the perfect wave; solo travellers in single-person hammocks, to family groups in extravagant bell tent setups – for these aficionados, camping is pure pleasure, a way to connect with nature, an antidote to modern life. And, unlike most of us, they know how to do it properly.

Supported by Instagram-worthy photography, interviews with each contributor bring out their unique and inspirational approach to camping, their most memorable experiences (and challenges) and the camping tips they couldn’t live without.

Listed with each entry, the book will also provide advice on how to achieve the ‘camping style’ yourself and suggests worldwide destinations that provide a similar setting, giving you the inspiration and tools to plan your next trip. 

With enviable camping setups, stories that will give you wanderlust, stunning locations and top advice from the experts – Tent Life is the perfect companion and guide for any wannabe camper. 

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Aruna Stonebow' is the only protector in history to have been born without the mysterious skills bestowed upon her people and longs for a life away from the gloomy colony that she begrudgingly calls home. When an army of 'Shadrach' destroy her city, capture her father, and threaten her very existence, she is forced to venture out on a dangerous rescue mission into the withered world now known as 'the Echolands’.



One lost boy, a banished scientist, and a horde of blundering ice giants must band together to defeat a dangerous villain.

After being framed for a crime he didn’t commit and becoming the most wanted criminal in Great Britain, he discovers a world inhabited by hundreds of ice giants and ultimately finds solace in the sarcastic musings of his unsuspected guide, the banished scientist and creator of the Obscuroscope, Professor Brigitte Roualeyn. Archie must learn to conquer his fears if he ever hopes to return to his previous, unadventurous life back in Yorkshire, but can he and the professor work together to reach Leeds and stop the evil Galskard from taking over the world?

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SentiMental: One Man's Lifelong Rollercoaster Ride With Mental Health' will be a true story of my life with OCD, anxiety, and low self-esteem, a book that I firmly believe will help to eradicate mental health stigma and normalise the concept for readers young and old. It's light-hearted and peppered with dark humour at my own expense yet focuses on a strong core issue, an issue that we all need to learn to talk about more openly.     

From intrusive thoughts about stealing Mars Bars at four-years-old to finding myself temporarily paralysed up a mountain in the Lake District at thirty, each chapter will revolve around my life with mental health, covering all the lows, the highs, and how I coped with my problems along the way. 

As well as providing a no-holds-barred insight into my challenging and often ridiculous life and touching on topics such as a care home coup, my hypochondriac Italian father, and managing anxiety and alcohol in a touring rock band, this book will give readers something to laugh about, scenarios to relate to, and most importantly of all, the hope that they too can come out the other side. 

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