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Back in 2017 at the age of 27, I was working in a job that I didn't enjoy, spending all my money on rent, and feeling trapped in a life that just didn't feel right. I desperately needed a change, and after months of learning to drive, I passed my test and bought my first car; a Vauxhall Movano Maxi-Roof van.

After six-months of converting every spare moment after work and on weekends, I moved into 'Vincent' full time, living in the UK while working for a year before quitting my job, selling my possessions, and heading out on the open road. 

That van was the start of an adventure that not only kickstarted my career as a writer, but one that saw me living a sustainable lifestyle while travelling across two continents, meeting incredible, like-minded people who were also chasing an alternative path, searching for the road less travelled and championing a life that 'goes against the grain'. 

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