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My work as a professional writer sees me working with a number of publishers and brands across a variety of genres, creating engaging content designed to entertain readers while maximising sales and, in the case of online publications, traffic back to the host website. I'm always open to working with companies and brands that share my values and beliefs and can work with you to create content that speaks directly to your target audience.

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After building a camper van from scratch, I set about living and travelling in a tiny home across two continents, meeting with other members of the alternative living community while documenting many different movements. Not only that, but I have successfully shaped my writing career on the road, moving from a corporate job to working for myself in any country on the globe. 

Part of my work has consisted of public speaking positions everywhere from local venues to large-scale festivals, unpacking topics such as 'how to live in a camper' and 'how to work as a digital nomad on the road'.  

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